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Machining Services

Providing Everything You Need

Large Machining Holder

We can help you with the bigger picture

One of our customers is a global oil & gas company. After traveling to the customer’s facility and observing how our parts fit into their subassembly, we were able to suggest design improvements to our parts. The new and improved designs remain in production today.

We can help you stay on budget

 One customer requested stainless steel parts which would have required extensive machine time and coating costs. We were able to propose a solution using polycarbonate to maintain strength while ultimately lowering the customer's costs and lead times.

Machined Part
Red Machined Part

We can help you in a pinch

A partner of ours who has their own in-house milling operation was preparing to move facilities. We were able to pick up their parts production during the move so that their customers received parts without a hitch.

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